At Sing A Song , our unique music education program immerses your child in the wonders of creative musical expression. Like sponges, little learners are eager to absorb and learn new things. Our curricula encompasses expansive music experiences that integrate the teaching of fundamental music concepts with major developmental areas and skills.

Fundamental music concepts include the introduction and creative expression of music notation and note values, dynamics, tempo, pitch, and rhythm, as well as exposure to various genres of music, including classical, world, traditional, and our own original songs and music activities. The relationship between music and movement, expressed with body movement and dance, scarves, and percussion instruments complements the teaching of fundamental music concepts.

Developmental areas and skills include:children-745674_640 (1)

  • Fine and gross motor skills, Problem solving and Sensory skills
  • Language development
  • Social interaction and School-preparedness
  • Musicality, Listening skills
  • Creative thinking, self-expression and Autonomy
  • Self-esteem, multi-cultural awareness, and dramatic play and expression
This complete skill-set package stimulates all important areas of early childhood development.

Our integrative program, during each 30-minute class, is a structured, age-appropriate, multi-sensory, engaging experience for every child. We partner with your child care center, preschool or summer camp program to provide a rich music education program where the uniqueness of every child is celebrated.

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